How BOSS-Works Works

At BOSS-Works, we strive to make the job-seeking process as easy as possible; and the best part is that there is never a cost to you for our job placement services. If you are an experienced professional ready to embark on your personal journey to work-life balance, we ask that you take a few moments to read up on how we do things around here. We think you will like it, so let's get started! 

Our Simple Process

Step 1: Send Us Your Resume

Visit our FIND A JOB page to view our current job postings. If you see a job that interests you, fill out the CONTACT US form at the bottom of the page. 

To speed up the process, email and send us a copy of your current resume, desired job title, and hourly pay/salary range. Our open jobs change daily. Send us your resume to be considered for new openings as they come in.

Step 2: We Think You Might Be a Perfect Fit

Once we have spoken with you and have confirmed that you are the right candidate for the job, BOSS-Works submits your resume to our client; we use our staffing expertise and recommendations to move only the most qualified candidates to the interview stage. 

Step 3: Vetting & You're Hired

After the final interview, we will complete some additional vetting tasks to wrap up the hiring process. Once our client gives us the green light, an offer and start date will be presented to you. Most of our job candidates are considered direct hires, meaning you are employed by our client and not by BOSS-Works. 

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQs page for more information.