Dave - 2014

"I felt as if I was unemployable, but had no idea why. Then, I found BOSS-Works. I had gone on countless interviews, all of which I thought I had nailed the interview and was a great fit for the job. Not only did I not get the job, I never heard back from the employer about why. I found a job posting by BOSS-Works for a project management job - I was ecstatic. I applied for the job and went on an interview, again, certain I would get the job. The call I received was from the CEO of BOSS-Works. I was asked how I thought the interview went - fantastic, I replied. The CEO then asked if we could meet face to face. The CEO spent about 90 minutes with me, going through my resume, and my interview approach; all the areas that turned the client off to me as a job candidate. I was shocked to learn the personal/professional stories I was using to answer interview questions were the reasons why I was not getting a call back. This dedicated time/coaching that BOSS-Works gave me was invaluable. A week later, I was given another job opportunity through BOSS-Works. I am pleased to say I received a call while still in the client parking lot - I got the job! I owe a huge THANK YOU to BOSS-Works for giving me the opportunity and for taking the time work with me on bettering myself."

Mary - 2015

"I had never worked with a staffing firm when I was contacted by BOSS-Works, after they saw my resume on a job posting site. I was skeptical in the beginning, but incredibly happy I replied to their email. I found their process to be pleasant, thorough, and they held my hand the entire way. The jobs they have available, are the kind of jobs that job seekers typically do not have access to, and if you do, you will spend countless hours trying to an interview. Although they are working for the client, I felt as if they had my back and put a high priority on my needs and requirements. They even fought for the salary and benefits I needed to make a career change. I am now happily employed by their client, in a job that I hope is the last job offer I ever accept!"

Taylor - 2016

"I’ll be honest. I was ready to give up on job hunting. Fresh out of college, I had about a dozen interviews in the span of one week. Many of the interviews were with recruiters who were less than sympathetic, and acted like my skills and knowledge were not worth much. None of the recruiters advocated for finding a position with the salary I was looking for, or a company whose culture matched mine. My very last interview for that week was with BOSS-Works. BOSS-Works made the process extremely simple. I had a phone call to determine if I was interested in the jobs, not if they were interested in me. This was an enormous contrast compared to the other companies because I felt like BOSS-Works cared more about helping to find the right fit, and they didn’t try and “sell” a position like other recruiters. I never once felt pressured or like I wasn’t in control of my job search. I expressed my interest in one job and they took care of the rest. It was so easy! In addition, they advocated for a fair wage for me, and worked tirelessly to communicate with both me and the employer to make sure it was a good match for both of us.  I landed what seems like my dream job through BOSS-Works because they carefully considered the skills that I had."